Leitartikel Sprachreise

Leitartikel Sprachreise Irland


Hello dearest friends,

Guinness! Beach! The cliffs! Glendalough! The best fish and chips! Boyne Valley, Newgrange! Dublin city! Crazy and unforgettable time with your classmates!
And of course a lot of culture…

Do you already know what we are talking about? Yes! You are right, our class 4HRD had the pleasure to see and feel the Irish lifestyle in real life.
On October 7th we made our way to Schwechat airport, jumped on the plane, hopped off in Dublin, Ireland and started our adventure.
On the first day we already got to meet our new host families and accommodations for our week full of experiences and fun.
We all lived in Bray, a charming little town next to Dublin.
As Bray has a beautiful beach, we spent a lot of evenings there together, shared a lot of memories and became that strong and close class community that we are today.

We had a daily programme and that’s how our school “PACE” lesson flow by.
“PACE” is a really old fashioned and typical Irish school.
At the beginning it was a bit hard to understand our teacher, Rowry,because like almost everbody in Ireland has a really strong accent.
Have you ever heard an Irish person talking and realised it sounds more American than British?

The whole week was filled with many interesting and awesome excursions, which we will never forget.

Nora Schäffler