What to expect from IR

What to expect from Intercultural Training


Teaching outside the classroom

The most beautiful thing in the world is, of course, the world itself. Travelling can greatly transform a person and lead to a personal growth. It removes us from our comfort zones and confronts us with other cultures.

What would be more important to teach than how to interact with people all over the world without offending them or not even knowing what you did wrong? To understand that there is no such thing as ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ behaviour, but just to get to a point where you can accept the fact that it is just different our own. IR brings you to a level where you know how to absorb another culture in different dimension and understand it. Not only that you will also learn how to interpret your own culture even better and understand the background and reasons of certain behaviour.

Fortunately, we had the possibility to visit several countries, throughout the three years which has not only had a great impact on our communication skills, but also affected our general view of cultures.


Referring to our trip to Ireland:

Certainly we were prepared (shout out to Mr. Panis), we knew what cultural differences would expect us, how to face them and react the best way possible. My class visited countries such as Ireland, where the cultural differences did not seem as big but,for example, also Rome, where, as I think, everybody developed a big interest in the culture. At first I was concerned that we would not pay attention to our surrounding and notice the differences, just because we simply would not have to leave our comfort zone in a group of friends and colleagues. Being with them 24/7 and could behave like we do at home. But we soon noticed that a culture is bigger than all of us and absorbs you without you noticing, let alone be able to protest against it. After a few days of ‘appropriating’ their habits, it felt like the most normal thing to. Just small things like not tipping or greeting on the street. You just grow in them mentally